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Quick, Easy And Extremely Profitable!

The Skratchers Scratch Card Fundraiser is the latest fundraising craze. At 90% profit, it’s twice as profitable as candy bars, without the hassle of most fundraisers!

Each of your fundraising participants starts with 1 Skratchers card. Their supporters simply SCRATCH OFF a few dots, DONATE and RECEIVE valuable coupons, in return.

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Why Choose Skratchers?

Skratchers was developed to overcome many of the problems associated with traditional fundraisers, such as cumbersome order-taking and deliveries, consistently less value for the supporter, and the need for more profit.

The Skratchers Cards

The Skratchers cards come in 4 colors including blue, purple, red or green. We also customize each Skratchers card with the name and logo (optional) of your group, so your donors know which cause they are supporting. The cards fold into 3 and fit conveniently into your pocket.

The Exclusive Coupons

Only Top Value For Your Donors! All of our coupon offers are exclusive.

Our coupons are accepted state-wide and/or nation-wide.

To see which coupon offers you can have for your fundraiser, click the button below.

If you have 6 out of 8 of these merchants in your area, you’re doing great! If not, you may want to check out our 2 other coupon options (please click).

How Skratchers Cards Work

It’s easy and it’s fun! Each person in your group begins fundraising with 1 Skratchers card. They simply approach friends, family, and close neighbors and ask them to SCRATCH FOR IT!

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Your Profit

Each scratch card produces $100 in donations. The cost is only $20, so your group keeps $80 profit per card. See the chart below for your potential profit

Number Of Members Free Bonus Cards You’ll Raise Cost Your Net Profit
10 2 (Extra $200) $1,200 $200 $1,000
20 4 (Extra $400) $2,400 $400 $2,000
35 7 (Extra $700) $4,200 $700 $3,500
50 10 (Extra $1,00) $6,000 $1,000 $5,000
75 15 (Extra $1,500) $9,000 $1,500 $7,500
100 20 (Extra $2,000) $12,000 $2,000 $10,000
250 50 (Extra $5,000) $30,000 $5,000 $25,000
10 + 2 $1,200 $1,000
20 + 4 $2,400 $2,000
35 + 7 $4,200 $3,500
50 + 10 $6,000 $5,000
75 + 15 $9,000 $7,500

Calculate Your Profit

Enter the number of cards you are thinking to order below and press the button ‘Calculate’.

You Will Raise 20% Free Cards Your Cost Total Profit
+ - =

20% free cards applies to all orders that are paid up-front. Clients paying in 30 days, receive 10% free cards. Call and ask about our special volume discounts on large orders.

You Will Raise  
20% Free Cards +
Your Cost -
Total Profit =

20% free cards applies to all orders that are paid up-front. Clients paying in 30 days, receive 10% free cards. Call and ask about our special volume discounts on large orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t have to pay up-front. We have many payment methods, many which allow you to pay 30 days from the date you order your Skratchers cards. Please turn this page to see options or call us toll-free 1-888-800-9506.
The cost is $20 per scratch card. Each scratch card will raise you $100, so your net profit per card is $80. With our free bonus scratch cards, you can make up to 90% profit.
Yes, you may return up to 10% of your original order. They must be returned within 45 days from the order date. Any free scratch cards given with your order, are excluded from the credit. Even better, read our Guarantee.
If, for any reason, at the end of your campaign, you have some left over Skratchers scratch cards, which are not fully completed, we will send you new coupon pads at anytime to refill your cards, ABSOLUTELY FREE! We even pay UPS shipping to send them to you!
Yes, if you don’t want to keep your existing coupon sheet, you can double-up the good coupon offers, and or customize your coupon sheet with local merchants. Please read the Custom Coupons page for full details.
The coupon offers that we provide can be redeemed throughout your entire state. All offers have been negotiated with the head offices, so their franchises are well aware of these coupons.
It’s simple. You order 1 scratch card per fundraising participant. Your group members will ask their potential supporters to scratch a few circles, pay the total of the amounts they reveal, and in return, receive a full coupon sheet containing over $50 in exclusive coupons. The participant keeps the card with them until the entire card is scratched off and a total of $100 has been raised.
Our standard delivery service is 4 business days from the day you place your order. Two-day and overnight service is also available for a small additional charge.
There is no minimum order. You can order as few as 1 card. Shipping is free, all the time! When you order a minimum of 10 cards, we will also print your group name and logo on each card, at no charge.
I recommend you keep your fundraiser as short as possible in order to maintain momentum and enthusiasm. 2 weeks, with a 3rd week to wrap it up would be ideal. Some groups are highly successful doing a 1 week blitz.
Yes, we will customize all of your Skratchers cards. We will place your group name on the front and back cover of each Skratchers card. We can include your logo on it as well – simply email it to us. If you don’t have a logo, we will include an image representing your group activity (ex. crossed bats for a baseball team).
There are many reasons… it’s new, different and fun; there are no large inventories, no orders to take or deliveries to make; you collect your money on the spot,… and you’ll earn up to 90% profit instead of 40%-50%.
Our coupon merchants and offers are superior, which will encourage greater donations and result in a more successful fundraiser. Our custom coupon options are unmatched. The Skratchers cards are of a higher quality (layer of varnish to protect from ripping and give a nicer look). We also guarantee to match or beat any competitor’s price, and our shipping is always free. To top it off, we have flexible payment options, and our customer service reps are renowned for their helpful and friendly attitude. We welcome your call so you can see for yourself!

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We raised a good amount of money in a short amount of time. It really worked well, and we were really pleased. The payment options were very helpful for a school the size of ours. Our best seller told me: “I really enjoyed selling Skratchers. It was so much easier than selling candy bars.”

John Early, Calvary Baptist Academy

This is our 4th time doing the Skratchers scratch card fundraiser and we’ve raised $10,400 profit so far. The money has helped us cover team travel expenses and pay for new uniforms. We had an easy time with this fundraiser and the customer service at Skratchers was great.

Coach Brian Bramlett, Rebel Basketball

Thank you Skratchers Fundraiser for helping us raise an extremely high profit of $2,700. Our parents liked the fundraiser and were amazed at how easy we were able to make a profit. It was so fun and easy the first time that we will do it again next season. Here is a picture of our softball team with coach Anselmo, Juan and Jose.

Diana Cardenas, Lady Shockers

We’ve used Skratchers fundraiser twice now and are very pleased with how fast it went each time. Also, people really liked the coupons. We raised $2,000 for our soccer team. Thanks for your help and see you next year.

Veronica Ramirez, Royal Strikers

Our Dallas Lightning Softball Team was very satisfied with the $1600 we made using Skratchers. We were able to use the fundraiser to buy new team uniforms. Michael, our customer service rep, was an incredible person to deal with. We would easily use Skratchers again next year.

Coach Jaymee Johnson, Dallas Lightning Softball