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The Best Sports Fundraiser!
Now Raise More Money In Less Time!

YOU will earn 90% profit hassle-free with the best sports fundraiser! Quickly and easily pay for uniforms, equipment, travel expenses and more… Sounds to good to be true, well thousands of groups raise more with Skratchers scratch card fundraiser year after year.
Finally A Sports Fundraiser that's Highly Profitable?

The Skratchers sports fundraiser is more than just highly profitable, it's also customizable with your team name and logo printed on Card Sampleevery card. What's more, it's also designed to meet the needs of all types of sport teams and leagues.

Less Hassle For Teams...
With 40 players we raised $3,300. We'll definitely use Skratchers again next year.
Darrin McComas, H.S. Baseball Team

1Day Fundraising For Leagues... Learn More
Last year, our little league of 438 players raised $35,000 in 1 day with Skratchers' 1-Day Fundraiser!
Todd Meyers, Little League Player Agent

Skratchers... 1st Choice of Coaches:

Up-90% profit - Why settle for only 50% with the trouble of candy bars
Quick & simple - No orders to take & deliveries to make Over
$50 in Coupon Value - Pizza Hut, Subway…& NO complicated fine print.
Customizable Coupons - Get coupons good for your area.
Top Quality & Made in the USA - So your team will be proud to use them.
FREE Customization - With your team name, logo & colors.
Free Shipping and Quick Delivery - Always free quick regardless of order size.
We Offer 10% Free Cards - Earning you more profit (limited time offer).

At last, we've made YOUR next sports fundraiser remarkably hassle-free, by eliminating those headaches that are inescapable with traditional fundraising...order-taking, large inventories, deliveries, and product spoilage- we've gotten rid of it all. YES... all gone!

Triple YOUR fundraising profits in HALF the time with Skratchers scratch cards. The perfect sports fundraiser!

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Questions? Call us at 1-888-800-9506

"Skratchers, Thank you for introducing our basketball team to this great fund raising idea! We raised just over $2,000 in 2 weeks!"
-Travis Jones, Basketball Coach Edgewater High School

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