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Scratch  Fundraiser,
Top 5 Questions Answered!
1- WHAT is the Skartchers Scratch Card Fundraiser?

Card SampleThe Skratchers scratch card fundraiser is the newest fundraising idea out there. Sometimes called a scratch off fundraiser, it c an raise up to 90% profit, much more than a typical fundraiser like candy bars. Sounds to good to be true, well thousands of groups have earned 90% profit and have a scratch card fundraiser year after year.

2- WHO Should Use the Skratchers Scratch Card Fundraiser?

Are you looking for a NEW...

    * Sports Fundraiser Idea?
    * School Fundraiser Idea?
    * Church Fundraiser Idea?
    * Youth Group Fundraiser?

Then you should try Skratchers scratch card fundraiser, otherwise you'll be selling your group short with any other fundraiser. Whether fundraising for little league or for a small group, Skratchers is the perfect money raiser for a variety of groups and situations.

3- WHY Use the Skratchers Scratch Card Fundraiser?

Quickly and easily pay for uniforms, equipment, tournaments, travel expenses and more... YOU will earn 90% profit with Skratchers, hassle-free!

4- WHERE Can You Use the Skratchers Scratch Card Fundraiser?

All over the continental US and Canada. We have coupons from your favorite big merchants Pizza Hut, Subway, JCPenney, Jiffy Lube, Blimpie and GNC to name a few. You can choose to go with nationally endorsed coupons, state wide coupons. You can even customize the coupons to fit your area.

5- WHEN Can You Use the Skratchers Scratch Card Fundraiser?

All year round because they won't melt or spoil in hot summer temperatures and you don't have to lug heavy boxes around in the rain or snow. Now you can fundraise whenever you need to.


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Questions? Call us at 1-888-800-9506

"Skratchers, Thank you for introducing our basketball team to this great fund raising idea! We raised just over $2,000 in 2 weeks!"
-Travis Jones, Basketball Coach Edgewater High School

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